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#DesignDilemma: Mixing Old and New

It is a common misconception that you should toss all of your old furniture and accessories to make room for all of your new pieces. We are asking you RIGHT NOW to STOP thinking that way and embrace the old pieces you have grown to love!

The fastest way to have a boring design is to stick with a specific style or time period.  A well design space showcases its owner’s personality and embraces pieces that spark conversation. Do you have an antique chest that has been passed down from generation to generation? KEEP IT! It will contrast your new furniture and add texture, history, and personality. Gone are the days that we have to stick with one time period (i.e. Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and Shaker).

This innovative design concept is called Eclectic. Eclectic literally means, “deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.” Here are some examples of eclectic spaces that have a perfect balance of old and new, and embrace it’s owners history and personal style.

1. Interior Designer Mariette Gomez’s home.

Using a crisp white paint on the walls lends itself to the perfect canvas to house your collection of art and “off” pieces. As shown in this image, Mariette mixes her traditional  antiques with fun and contemporary items that she has curated over the years. She stays away from trendy fabrics or styles and keeps items that truly make her happy.

2.  A spanish home that embraces old and new. 

This space, again, keeps a simple white wall to showcase the eclectic mix of artwork and accessories with traditional lounges to keep it classic.

3. Orlando Soria’s dining room.

This space mixes a danish style chair, transitional rug, traditional art, midcentury table, and contemporary pendant lamps to create a space that is truly unique. Chairs and rug available to order at Turner’s Fine Furniture!

Our best advice when it comes to mixing old and new pieces, would be to hunt your space, keep what you love, and be fearless in your decisions. If it reflects your personality, it will be beautiful! Trying hard to fit a trendy style that you don’t necessarily love will end up feeling disconnected and impersonal.

We hope this advice will help you with your next #DesignDelimma! Contact us below or on our Facebook if you have your own problem to solve. We would love to hear from you!

#BuyersGuide: Protecting your Furniture Investment

It is a big step in your life when you invest in quality furniture for the first time. You know you are buying something that your children or even grandchildren can enjoy throughout the years. However, there is a way to prolong the life of your new sofa and also save you against unwanted accidents over time.

This is why we offer a fabric protection program through Guardsman. This product is unlike anything we have ever seen.  The spray actually penetrates and shields each fiber with a wicking action to ensure complete protection from permanent staining. It is undetectable by sight, smell or touch and does not affect fabric breathability. You will never have to reapply because instead of sitting on top of your fabric, this product will permanently become a part of the fibers.

What does all of this mean to you? It means that you will be able to enjoy your life with pets, children, and both wanted and unwanted houseguests with piece of mind that you are COVERED.


Guardsman is also a five year warranty that covers most accidents including but not limited to: rips, stains, punctures, tears, burns, and pet and human bodily fluids.  Have 20 accidents a year? No problem. Guardsman will send a technician to clean and fix your furniture multiple times within the 5 year warranty! SLEEP EASY FRIENDS! All of this for only $69 for your fabric sofa.

To better understand what the warranty covers, click HERE.

Turner’s Furniture carries warranties and protection plans for fabric, leather, wood, outdoor, rugs, and mattresses to ensure that your purchases are protected for years to come! 

Have any other questions about protecting your furniture? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook!





#DesignDilemma: How do I hang my curtains?

Curtains are such a  common design disaster and you may not even know something is wrong! Let’s go over how to hang your curtains properly, and why these examples work to your advantage. But first, we will address what you may be doing wrong.

1. Hanging your curtains too low:

How to fix it:

Make sure to hang your curtain rod at least 20″ above your window molding OR hang right beneath your crown molding. This creates height and allows more light to enter the room.

2. Hanging your curtains to fit the frame of the window is another common mistake. You want to make sure you are hanging your curtain rod about 8″ out on either side. That way, when you open your curtains, you will displaying the entire window frame!

Combine the first two tips and hang your curtains HIGH AND WIDE. Creating the illusion of a wide and tall window will make your room transform!

3.  Still not seeing results? Your curtains may be too short!


You want to make sure your drapes are either “kissing” the floor, resting on the floor, or puddled for a romantic look. See the diagram below for reference:


Image from I Dream of Drapery

Follow these few rules and you will be on the way to curtain success!


Have any other Design Dilemma’s that you would like us to conquer? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

#BuyersGuide: Why should I invest in outdoor furniture?


When it comes to picking a perfect outdoor set, the look is important, but durability is essential. It’s tempting to stop by your local hardware store to pick up an inexpensive outdoor set, but is it worth it? In this week’s Buyers Guide, we will cover the top reasons why it is in your best interest to invest in quality and to justify those high price tags.

You’re not alone when you wonder, ” why would I spend this much on outdoor furniture when I can buy the same thing at Lowes or Home Depot?”. You are right in the fact that you can get similar looking pieces for cheaper- but you are not getting the same thing at all. In fact, you will end up spending more money on the cheap stuff over time, because you will have to replace it- multiple times.

High end outdoor furniture manufactures think of YOU from the very beginning of construction.  For this post, we will feature one of Turner’s top selling brands- Summer Classics. Listed below are the reasons why it is priced the way it is, and why you should definitely invest.

1.  Cast Aluminum- Superior grade molten aluminum alloy is hand poured into a mold made from exceptionally detailed woodcarvings. Each casting is hand polished to provide a smooth, finished surface for painting. After a multi-step cleaning process, the furniture receives a baked on powder paint coast much thicker and harder than conventional wet paint, followed by a hand-applied antique accent.

This is just the FRAME of the sofa you are looking at in our store. Keep reading to find out what comes next.

2. N-dura Ultra High UV Resistant Resin Wicker- This resin wicker is guaranteed to not experience any significant color change for 5 years. Their ultra realistic resin varies in color and texture, making each piece unique. All N-dura wicker is memory tested to 50,000 compressions, and is hand-woven over steel-reinforced  heavy gauge aluminum extrusions with a triple antique hand applied fish using nano-ceramic technology.  Unlike wood wicker, this material will stay pliable and not dry out and break.

3. Cushions- Summer classic’s standard cushion is composed of bonded fiber layers on top of polyurethane foam, making them exceptionally comfortable. The ratio of foam to fiber is 50% to 50% once core in inserted into the fabric cushion slip.

Upgrade to their Dream cushion and see the difference! This cushion offers 1.8 density high resilient and California Fire Rated Foam for maximum comfort. Their woven, water-resistant jacket features a “pillow top” of blown-fiber channels providing the utmost quality and softness. Soft, durable, and water-resistant, this is truly the perfect cushion.

4. Fabric-  The standard fabric used on all of our products features 100% solution-dyed acrylic. Each fiber is color saturated from the inside out for a rich, fade resistant color thats lasts even in extreme conditions. These fabrics are fade resistant, water resistant, and mold resistant. Clean these fabrics with a mixture of soap and water, or bleach and water and they are good as new.

Upgrade to a rain fabric and be amazed! This fabric is 100% water resistant and dries immediately when blotted with a towel. The water will never permeate your cushions so you can enjoy a comfortable, dry sofa all day long!

Even though we focused on Summer Classics, all of our top selling brands feature similar quality traits and are guaranteed to stand the test of time. You will save money in the long run and be happier with your purchase, we promise!

Just remember, there is a reason our products are priced the way they are. Just like you’ve always heard- ” You get what you pay for!”


Save on Summer Classics now until March 31st! See your sales associate for more details.


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#DesignDilemma: How do I decorate my bookcase?

Bookcases may be the last thing you think about when decorating your space. This is a common design foe because they can make or break a room! Bookcases add color, personality, and can be an easy way to add sophistication when it is seriously lacking. But, where do you start?

If you are a collector of books, let them shine! Every book is a conversation piece and can add a pop of unexpected color. However, the way you organize them can make a difference.

1. Try the color method:



This method is an easy way to add bright color to your room. It truly is an eye catcher! Design hack: take the dust jackets off of your books and you will be surprised how beautiful they are without them!


Another way to organize your books is to place them horizontally and vertically on the shelves. Doing so adds a great platform for accessories and interest when stacking vertically gets too boring.


This brings up another topic to discuss:

2. Accessorize! 

Be careful how many knick knacks you display on your shelves. Make sure they have a common design theme or compliment each other! It is also a great idea to speckle in a few mini plants to add a pop of green and a natural texture. Have a collection of vases, plates, or family photos you would like to display? This is where to do it!

These methods only work; however, if you have a lot of books! So, here is a great suggestion if you are not the town book connoisseur.

2.  Add artwork!

You may be surprised to hear that you can add large pieces of art on the molding of your bookshelf! It adds a chic layering effect and can hide some unsightly books that you love but don’t want to display.


You can also do this with mirrors:


We hope this helps you conquer your next bookcase conundrum! Have any other ideas? Let us know! Leave comments below or contact us on our Facebook page! As always, any of our designers would be happy to help you with the next design dilemma!

#DesignDilemma: Decorating with a TV

Today, the television has become a focal point in almost all of our homes. However, it doesn’t have to be as unsightly as you think! There are ways to camouflage a TV to work in your favor. Here are a few of our ideas:


1. The simplest answer may be the best solution. Find an entertainment center that has piers with shelves to display decorative and personal items to make your television seem more like a piece of furniture. The great thing about entertainment centers is that the wire management hides all of those ugly wires. Here is one that is available at Turner’s:


Parker House Entertainment Center $1999


2. The next option uses your television in a composition thats part of a gallery wall. If you have a wall dying for attention around a TV, try displaying your favorite artwork and photographs around it! This idea below also incorporates antlers to add deminsion and texture. Make sure to start with a console or credenza and work around it! If you absolutely have to have a television (let’s face it, we all do!), make it part of your design plan.



3.  If you own your home and want to make the extra expense, a built in wall unit can be a very attractive solution for your television.

Lonny Magazine

We hope this helps you with your TV design dilemma! Have you tried something else that you like better? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook!

#DesignDilemma: Pattern Mixing 101

It’s easy to get in a design rut when it comes to choosing fabrics for your space. Is everything looking kind of “blah” and too “matchy”? You’re not alone! Today we would like to show you an easy formula to pattern mix in the same room, or even on the same sofa!

The most effective pattern mixing we have seen requires you to be FEARLESS when choosing fabrics. If you are thinking too hard about it, stop right now! Let your choices be effortless and organic. In a pinch, think back to the following formula:


Pattern Mixing


Here, you are seeing the simplest way to follow the formula. Choose a multicolored fabric that speaks to you, then pull your correlates out! Your geometric and small scale patterns should always accent the main fabric. These are meant to be used in addition to the solid fabric that you are using around the room.

Here are some more examples:

Images from Wesley Hall- Available to order at Turner's!


Mountain View


All of these fabrics are available from Wesley Hall at Turner’s ! Still not confident enough to choose your own patterns? Any of our designers would be happy to help you make the best decision for your space!

Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook what #DesignDilemma we should conquer next!

#DesignDilemma: What size rug do I need?

There are plenty of reasons to consider placing a rug in your space. They provide comfort, warmth, contrast, and can be color inspiration for your entire design. However, the most commonly asked question still stands: What size rug do I need? The answer depends on the type and size of your room, furniture placement, and sometimes style inspiration.

1. Living Room 

Large Living Room | Coastal Style Blog | Image Made In Heaven, via Sletvoll, Decorations Idyll Home

In large living rooms with floating furniture, it is best to find a rug big enough for all of your pieces to sit completely on with 6-10″ of extra space on all sides. This helps center and ground the room, creating a focal point and adding softness. This also helps bring the furniture together and helps your space not look so scattered. Standard rugs for large living rooms are 9’x12′ and 11’x14′. 


Tammy Conner

In smaller living rooms, rugs are best placed at least half-way underneath your furniture. Have a small rug under the coffee table? Add a large sisal, jute, or seagrass rug underneath it to add dimension and texture. Standard sizes for this type of space are 6’x9′ or 8’x10′.

2. Dining Rooms


In dining rooms, there are several factors to consider before you buy a rug:

1. When measuring your table, add 24″ on each side and let that be the minimum requirement for rug dimensions. You want your guests to be able to pull out their chair comfortably without getting caught

2. Choose a low pile or flat weave rug, so chairs glide easily.

3. Mimic your rug shape to your table shape. Rectangular rugs look best underneath rectangular and oval tables, round rugs look best with round tables, and square rugs look best under square tables. Be careful though! Also consider the size and shape of your room before you make this decision.

3. Bedrooms

Photo: Tessa Neustadt

For bedrooms, place your rug underneath the bottom two-thirds of your bed. You want to make sure you have enough room on each side of the bed to cushion your feet when you get up in the morning! You can also layer your rugs, like shown in the photo above.


Find your rug at Turner’s Fine Furniture and our design team will help you make the best decision for your space.   


Is there anything we missed? We want to hear your thoughts! Let us know on Facebook !






August Anniversary Winners

Fortson Turner, $1000 gift certificate winner Laurel Griffith, $5000 gift certificate winner D'Andrea Bridges & Austin Turner

Now in the sixth month of our 100 Year Anniversary campaign, we’ve already given away a total of $60,000 in free furniture and donated $60,000 to local charities!

The August drawing yielded two big winners from Albany. D’Andrea Bridges received $5,000 in free furniture. She along with her fiance and son just moved into a new home and were in need of a new mattress and a few other items. She told us she was very grateful her name was drawn for the $5,000 grand prize. The $1,000 gift certificate winner was Laurel Griffith, who was also excited her name was drawn.

The matching charity donation of 5,000 was presented to Albany Advocacy Resource Center, one of the largest private provider agencies in Georgia that offers quality care and services for people of all ages with physical and/or mental disabilities. They are using the donation to fund their new Kids’ Corner Child Development Center. Receiving the $1,000 donation was Mission Change, a local grass-roots volunteer organization that raises awareness and takes action concerning issues affecting our region from homelessness and food insecurity to under-served inner-city youth and more. They are putting the $1,000 toward The Village, an after school program designed to guide under-served youth into becoming strong stewards of their community.

There was also a $500 winner from Tallahassee and a $500 winner from Thomasville. Congratulations to all of our August winners and charities. See below for a complete listing. To learn more about the $100,000 giveaway, click here.

Winning Amount

Winner’s Name

Location Registered

Chosen Charity

$5,000 D’Andrea Bridges Albany– Turner’s Budget Furniture Albany Advocacy Resource Center
$1,000 Laurel Griffith Albany – Turner’s Fine Furniture Mission Change
$500 Amanda Lewis Tallahassee– Turner’s Budget Furniture Kidz1stFund
$500 Gwen Leon Thomasville– Turner’s Fine Furniture To Be Determined
$250 Dorothy Wyatt Tifton – Turner’s Budget Furniture Journey Church
$250 Betty Voigt Valdosta– Turner’s Fine Furniture Humane Society of Valdosta/Lowndes County.
$250 Jo Glenn Tifton– Turner’s Fine Furniture American Cancer Society Tift County
$250 Hetal Patel Moultrie – Turner’s Budget Furniture Aspire  Behavioral Health & Developmental Disability Services
$100 Billy Brown Albany – Turner’s Fine Furniture Theatre Albany
$100 Carolyn Rabor Moultrie– Turner’s Budget Furniture Cancer Coalition of South Georgia
$100 Margaret Davis Thomasville – Turner’s Budget Furniture To Be Determined
$100 Gail Sellers Tifton – Turner’s Fine Furniture Cancer Coalition of South Georgia
$100 Catherine Cody Valdosta- Turner’s Fine Furniture American Cancer Society Lowndes County
$100 Dan Gelabert Tallahassee – Turner’s Budget Furniture The Tallahassee-Leon Shelter
$100 Ora Stanley Thomasville– Turner’s Fine Furniture A Women’s Pregnancy Center
$100 Susan McDonald Albany– Turner’s Budget Furniture American Cancer Society Dougherty County
$100 Libby Sanchez Valdosta– Turner’s Fine Furniture Hospice of South Georgia
$100 Courtney Beasley Tifton– Turner’s Budget Furniture Easter Seals Southern Georgia
$100 Lynda Lloyd Thomasville– Turner’s Fine Furniture To Be Determined
$100 Gary Vogt Valdosta– Turner’s Budget Furniture Humane Society of Valdosta/Lowndes County
$100 Sonny McGee Albany– Turner’s Fine Furniture The Anchorage
$100 Diane Moss Thomasville– Turner’s Budget Furniture Big Bend Hospice
$100 Corine Alt Valdosta– Turner’s Budget Furniture Second Harvest of South Georgia
$100 Rebecca Carter Tifton– Turner’s Fine Furniture American Cancer Society Tift County
$100 Elizabeth Williams Albany– Turner’s Budget Furniture American Red Cross Southwest Georgia
$100 April Anderson Tallahassee – Turner’s Budget Furniture American Cancer Society Leon County
$100 LT Anderson Valdosta – Turner’s Fine Furniture Military Order of the Purple Heart Chapter 1,000
$100 Nicole Slagle Thomasville– Turner’s Budget Furniture To Be Determined


Turner's Furniture presents Albany ARC with $5,000 Donation. Pictured L to R: Fortson Turner, Sonny Slate (Albany ARC), Eddie McCarty (Albany ARC) & Austin Turner

Turner’s Furniture presents Albany ARC with $5,000 Donation. Pictured L to R: Fortson Turner, Sonny Slate (Albany ARC), Eddie McCarty (Albany ARC) & Austin Turner

Fortson Turner (left) and Austin Turner (right) present $1,000 donation to La Donna Urick, co-founder & executive director of Mission Change.

Fortson Turner (left) and Austin Turner (right) present $1,000 donation to La Donna Urick, co-founder & executive director of Mission Change.

D'Andrea Bridges wins $5000 gift certificate in Turner's August drawing. Pictured L to R: Fortson Turner, D'Andrea Bridges, Anthony (D'Andrea's fiance), Austin Turner, and Jay T (D'Andrea's son)

D’Andrea Bridges wins $5000 gift certificate in Turner’s August drawing. Pictured L to R: Fortson Turner, D’Andrea Bridges, Anthony (D’Andrea’s fiance), Austin Turner, and Jay T (D’Andrea’s son)

Fortson Turner (left) and Austin Turner (right) present Laurel Griffith with $1,000 gift certificate for free furniture.

Fortson Turner (left) and Austin Turner (right) present Laurel Griffith with $1,000 gift certificate for free furniture.






July Anniversary Drawing Winners

Austin Turner, Katrina Bivins, executive director of Hope House, Kay Wood , $5000 gift certificate winner & John Eunice, Moultrie store manager.

Our $5,000 grand prize winner for July was Kay Wood from Moultrie. She registered to win at Turner’s Budget Furniture in Moultrie and selected Hope House Pregnancy Care Center to receive the $5,000 matching donation from Turner’s.

Hope House is located in Moultrie and offers free pregnancy testing, parenting classes, bible studies and baby items along with adoption resources and abortion education/alternatives. In addition, they also provide a Stand for Life Scholarship to students entering their senior year of high school. Katrina Bivins, executive director of Hope House, said the $5,000 donation couldn’t have come at a better time. They are currently raising funds for a new crisis pregnancy center. To learn more about Hope House, click here.

The recipient of the $1,000 Turner’s gift certificate was Mike Johnson. He registered to win at Turner’s Fine Furniture in Thomasville and selected Big Bend Hospice to receive the matching cash donation from Turner’s.

We also had a couple of $500 winners from Albany and Valdosta. Receiving $500 donations were the Alzheimer’s Association of South Georgia and the American Cancer Society where funds will be distributed back into the local communities.

Below is a full list of winners. Congratulations to all and thank you for participating in our $100,000 Anniversary Drawing! To learn more about how you can win a share of $100,000 in free furniture AND donate to a local charity, click here.

Winning Amount

Winner’s Name

Location Registered

Chosen Charity

$5,000 Kay Wood Moultrie– Turner’s Budget Furniture Hope House Pregnancy Care Center
$1,000 Mike Johnson Thomasville – Turner’s Fine Furniture Big Bend Hospice
$500 Marty Hopkins Albany– Turner’s Fine Furniture Alzheimer’s Association of  South Georgia
$500 Cesar Vribe Valdosta– Turner’s Budget Furniture American Cancer Society Lowndes County
$250 G. Bryant Tifton – Turner’s Budget Furniture Tift County Commission for Children & Youth
$250 Justin Kinsley Tallahassee – Turner’s Budget Furniture Be the Solution, Inc.
$250 Linda Kestler Valdosta – Turner’s Fine Furniture Florida United Methodist Madison Youth Ranch
$250 Brittany Lightner Albany – Turner’s Budget Furniture Carlton Breast Center at Phoebe Putney Hospital
$100 Patricia Lowenthal Valdosta – Turner’s Budget Furniture Humane Society of Valdosta/Lowndes County
$100 Randy Jones Moultrie– Turner’s Budget Furniture TBD
$100 Delena Gulett Albany – Turner’s Budget Furniture Albany Humane Society
$100 Faye Hooks Thomasville – Turner’s Fine Furniture Florida Sheriff’s Boys Ranch/Live Oak
$100 Richard Eatmon Valdosta- Turner’s Fine Furniture TBD
$100 Carl Ayres Thomasville – Turner’s Budget Furniture American Heart Association Tallahassee
$100 Karen Mitchell Tifton – Turner’s Fine Furniture American Cancer Society Tift County
$100 Glen Robinson Albany– Turner’s Budget Furniture TBD
$100 Eric Starke Thomasville – Turner’s Fine Furniture Boys & Girls Club
$100 Gwendolyn Bivins Tallahassee– Turner’s Budget Furniture Big Bend  Hospice
$100 Brenda McMillan Albany – Turner’s Fine Furniture LEAP – Communities in Schools
$100 Kenneth Henderson Valdosta– Turner’s Budget Furniture Victory Word of Faith Christian Church
$100 Jeff Blease Tifton – Turner’s Fine Furniture American Cancer Society Tift County
$100 Al Chang Valdosta – Turner’s Fine Furniture Humane Society of Valdosta/Lowndes County
$100 Virginia Davis Tallahassee – Turner’s Budget Furniture Leon County Humane Society
$100 Rebekah Walton Thomasville – Turner’s Budget Furniture Multiple Sclerosis Foundation North Florida
$100 Gabe Goodman Tifton – Turner’s Fine Furniture Salvation Army Tifton
$100 Robert Ivy Albany – Turner’s Fine Furniture YMCA Men’s Health Center
$100 Lekevia Wells Thomasville – Turner’s Budget Furniture TBD
$100 Kayla Shipley Tifton – Turner’s Budget Furniture American Cancer Society Tift County


Fortson Turner and Austin Turner with $1,000 charity recipient Big Bend Hospice.

Fortson Turner and Austin Turner with $1,000 charity recipient Big Bend Hospice.

Austin Turner, Katrina Bivins, executive director of Hope House, Kay Wood , $5000 gift certificate winner & John Eunice, Moultrie store manager.

Austin Turner, Katrina Bivins, executive director of Hope House, Kay Wood , $5000 gift certificate winner & John Eunice, Moultrie store manager.

July_500Winner_ALBBrenda Dozier, Turner’s Fine Furniture Albany manager and Marty Hopkins, $500 gift certificate winner