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#BuyersGuide: Why is my sofa so expensive?

Today’s furniture buying experience is much like buying a new car. You may want to find the best deal on a car regardless the brand, or you know you want the top of the line, so you expect to spend more money. We all know that the top of the line vehicle is going to have the best construction, highest safety ratings, and longer warranty. However, we seemed to be blinded by furniture quality.  That being said, all furniture is not made equally. The sofa you find at Target for $399 is not going to be the same quality as the sofa at a fine furniture store for $3000. There is a reason why a sofa is priced so high, and we would like to explain and justify that difference today.

It all starts with the frame:

1. A top of the line sofa starts with a solid hard wood like walnut, maple, or oak. Then, the wood is Kiln dried, which eliminates all of the excess moisture in the wood, resulting in a strong product that will not bow or bend over time.

2. That wood is then doubled doweled and glued to each other to create stability and a structurally sound product. In some cases, the wood is cut to interlock with each other, then it is glued together. Corner blocks are triple reinforced with staples, glue and screws to create strong joints that will not loosen over time.

3. There are several different types of spring units that could be added to a frame, but an 8-way hand tied spring system is by far the strongest, most resilient type of support. High gauge spring coil units are dropped into the frame, then hand tied with twine 8 different directions to themselves and to the frame. This creates a unit that distributes weight evenly and keeps the coils from shifting, which eliminates sagging in the frame.

4. The next step in creating a strong piece of furniture includes the added foam for frame protection and comfort. In a high quality frame, there is a strong molded foam lining the edges of the piece to create a sharp look and reduce the risk of the foam breaking down. Then layers of polyester foam will wrap around the frame. Your fabric is then backed and added to the top layer.

Most high end manufactures will have a variety of cushions to choose based on comfort and quality. In brands like Wesley Hall and Taylor King, a high end cushion consists of a molded polyester foam, encased spring coils, memory foam, and/or blend down fill. All of these options have been carefully thought out to make sure the lifetime of your cushion outlasts the competitors. Not only can you customize your cushions, but you have the choice of hundreds of different high end fabrics to fit your personal style and lifestyle.

These are just a few of the reasons why a sofa can be so expensive. But, we believe that investing on an heirloom quality piece will pay for itself in the long run. When buying a sofa based on the price, you may find yourself replacing the sofa every couple of years due to its quality.

So, the next time you are in the store and have a little sticker shock, ask your salesperson to explain to you the quality difference and you will understand why we take pride in well thought out pieces that will last a lifetime.

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#DesignDilemma: Mixing Old and New

It is a common misconception that you should toss all of your old furniture and accessories to make room for all of your new pieces. We are asking you RIGHT NOW to STOP thinking that way and embrace the old pieces you have grown to love!

The fastest way to have a boring design is to stick with a specific style or time period.  A well design space showcases its owner’s personality and embraces pieces that spark conversation. Do you have an antique chest that has been passed down from generation to generation? KEEP IT! It will contrast your new furniture and add texture, history, and personality. Gone are the days that we have to stick with one time period (i.e. Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and Shaker).

This innovative design concept is called Eclectic. Eclectic literally means, “deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.” Here are some examples of eclectic spaces that have a perfect balance of old and new, and embrace it’s owners history and personal style.

1. Interior Designer Mariette Gomez’s home.

Using a crisp white paint on the walls lends itself to the perfect canvas to house your collection of art and “off” pieces. As shown in this image, Mariette mixes her traditional  antiques with fun and contemporary items that she has curated over the years. She stays away from trendy fabrics or styles and keeps items that truly make her happy.

2.  A spanish home that embraces old and new. 

This space, again, keeps a simple white wall to showcase the eclectic mix of artwork and accessories with traditional lounges to keep it classic.

3. Orlando Soria’s dining room.

This space mixes a danish style chair, transitional rug, traditional art, midcentury table, and contemporary pendant lamps to create a space that is truly unique. Chairs and rug available to order at Turner’s Fine Furniture!

Our best advice when it comes to mixing old and new pieces, would be to hunt your space, keep what you love, and be fearless in your decisions. If it reflects your personality, it will be beautiful! Trying hard to fit a trendy style that you don’t necessarily love will end up feeling disconnected and impersonal.

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#BuyersGuide: Protecting your Furniture Investment

It is a big step in your life when you invest in quality furniture for the first time. You know you are buying something that your children or even grandchildren can enjoy throughout the years. However, there is a way to prolong the life of your new sofa and also save you against unwanted accidents over time.

This is why we offer a fabric protection program through Guardsman. This product is unlike anything we have ever seen.  The spray actually penetrates and shields each fiber with a wicking action to ensure complete protection from permanent staining. It is undetectable by sight, smell or touch and does not affect fabric breathability. You will never have to reapply because instead of sitting on top of your fabric, this product will permanently become a part of the fibers.

What does all of this mean to you? It means that you will be able to enjoy your life with pets, children, and both wanted and unwanted houseguests with piece of mind that you are COVERED.


Guardsman is also a five year warranty that covers most accidents including but not limited to: rips, stains, punctures, tears, burns, and pet and human bodily fluids.  Have 20 accidents a year? No problem. Guardsman will send a technician to clean and fix your furniture multiple times within the 5 year warranty! SLEEP EASY FRIENDS! All of this for only $69 for your fabric sofa.

To better understand what the warranty covers, click HERE.

Turner’s Furniture carries warranties and protection plans for fabric, leather, wood, outdoor, rugs, and mattresses to ensure that your purchases are protected for years to come! 

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