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#BuyersGuide: Why should I invest in outdoor furniture?


When it comes to picking a perfect outdoor set, the look is important, but durability is essential. It’s tempting to stop by your local hardware store to pick up an inexpensive outdoor set, but is it worth it? In this week’s Buyers Guide, we will cover the top reasons why it is in your best interest to invest in quality and to justify those high price tags.

You’re not alone when you wonder, ” why would I spend this much on outdoor furniture when I can buy the same thing at Lowes or Home Depot?”. You are right in the fact that you can get similar looking pieces for cheaper- but you are not getting the same thing at all. In fact, you will end up spending more money on the cheap stuff over time, because you will have to replace it- multiple times.

High end outdoor furniture manufactures think of YOU from the very beginning of construction.  For this post, we will feature one of Turner’s top selling brands- Summer Classics. Listed below are the reasons why it is priced the way it is, and why you should definitely invest.

1.  Cast Aluminum- Superior grade molten aluminum alloy is hand poured into a mold made from exceptionally detailed woodcarvings. Each casting is hand polished to provide a smooth, finished surface for painting. After a multi-step cleaning process, the furniture receives a baked on powder paint coast much thicker and harder than conventional wet paint, followed by a hand-applied antique accent.

This is just the FRAME of the sofa you are looking at in our store. Keep reading to find out what comes next.

2. N-dura Ultra High UV Resistant Resin Wicker- This resin wicker is guaranteed to not experience any significant color change for 5 years. Their ultra realistic resin varies in color and texture, making each piece unique. All N-dura wicker is memory tested to 50,000 compressions, and is hand-woven over steel-reinforced  heavy gauge aluminum extrusions with a triple antique hand applied fish using nano-ceramic technology.  Unlike wood wicker, this material will stay pliable and not dry out and break.

3. Cushions- Summer classic’s standard cushion is composed of bonded fiber layers on top of polyurethane foam, making them exceptionally comfortable. The ratio of foam to fiber is 50% to 50% once core in inserted into the fabric cushion slip.

Upgrade to their Dream cushion and see the difference! This cushion offers 1.8 density high resilient and California Fire Rated Foam for maximum comfort. Their woven, water-resistant jacket features a “pillow top” of blown-fiber channels providing the utmost quality and softness. Soft, durable, and water-resistant, this is truly the perfect cushion.

4. Fabric-  The standard fabric used on all of our products features 100% solution-dyed acrylic. Each fiber is color saturated from the inside out for a rich, fade resistant color thats lasts even in extreme conditions. These fabrics are fade resistant, water resistant, and mold resistant. Clean these fabrics with a mixture of soap and water, or bleach and water and they are good as new.

Upgrade to a rain fabric and be amazed! This fabric is 100% water resistant and dries immediately when blotted with a towel. The water will never permeate your cushions so you can enjoy a comfortable, dry sofa all day long!

Even though we focused on Summer Classics, all of our top selling brands feature similar quality traits and are guaranteed to stand the test of time. You will save money in the long run and be happier with your purchase, we promise!

Just remember, there is a reason our products are priced the way they are. Just like you’ve always heard- ” You get what you pay for!”


Save on Summer Classics now until March 31st! See your sales associate for more details.


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April Anniversary Drawing

Stephanie Dougherty, $5,000 Winner, Austin Turner, Co-Owner, and Ed Williams, Thomasville-Thomas County Humane Society director.

The hot spot for the April drawing was the Thomasville/Tallahassee market! The $5,000 grand prize winner, Stephanie Dougherty (pictured left) registered to win at Turner’s Fine Furniture in Thomasville. She selected Thomasville-Thomas County Humane Society (also pictured left) to receive the matching $5,000 donation from Turner’s. We also had two $500 winners from Turner’s Budget Furniture in Thomasville and Turner’s Budget Furniture in Tallahassee. The $1,000 winner was from Turner’s Fine Furniture in Albany.

To celebrate our 100 year anniversary, Turner’s is giving away $10,000 in free furniture each month through December 2015 AND donating $10,000 cash to qualified local charities. By the end of the year, we will have given away a total of $100,000 in free furniture and $100,00 cash to local charities. Winning amounts each month range from $100 to $5,000 and the winner is able to select a charity of their choice to receive a matching donation from Turner’s.

Below is a list of our winners from April in the order they were drawn. To learn more about the Turner’s Furniture anniversary giveaway, just click here.

Winning Amount

Winner’s Name

Location Registered

Chosen Charity

$5,000 Stephanie Dougherty Thomasville – Turner’s Fine Furniture Thomasville-Thomas County Humane Society
$1,000 Stephanie Bankston Albany – Turner’s Fine Furniture The Anchorage
$500 Sharon Cramer Tallahassee – Turner’s Budget Furniture Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarship FSU
$500 George Stabler Thomasville – Turner’s Budget Furniture Pregnancy Center of Gadsden County
$250 Thomas Carroll Albany – Turner’s Budget Furniture The Anchorage
$250 Alvero Largo Tifton – Turner’s Budget Furniture Patticake House
$250 Linda Ratcliff Valdosta – Turner’s Fine Furniture The Haven
$250 Terri Cook Moultrie – Turner’s Budget Furniture Hope House Pregnancy Care Center
$100 Freddie & Leslie Joiner Thomasville – Turner’s Fine Furniture American Cancer Society
$100 Minnie Outlaw Tifton – Turner’s Budget Furniture American Cancer Society/Relay for Life
$100 Jeanette Byrd Albany – Turner’s Fine Furniture TBD
$100 Pam Harbor Thomasville – Turner’s Budget Furniture Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation of  North Florida
$100 Kayla & Clay Childers Tifton- Turner’s Fine Furniture Ruth’s Cottage
$100 Lila Brown Valdosta – Turner’s Budget Furniture TBD
$100 Rita Haymons Moultrie – Turner’s Budget Furniture Moultrie YMCA
$100 Lynda McKinney Tallahassee – Turner’s Budget Furniture The Children’s Home Society of Tallahassee
$100 Dave McCracken Valdosta – Turner’s Fine Furniture Georgia Sherriff’s Boys Ranch
$100 Addy Cook Tifton – Turner’s Fine Furniture United Way
$100 Kristi  Gilbert Albany – Turner’s Budget Furniture Humane Society of Terrell County
$100 Page Baldwin Thomasville – Turner’s Budget Furniture TBD
$100 Fredy Duave Tifton – Turner’s Fine Furniture American Cancer Society/Relay for Life
$100 Victoria Grayson Tallahassee – Turner’s Budget Furniture American Cancer Society
$100 Farhat Sutton Thomasville – Turner’s Fine Furniture Refuge House
$100 Julia Delfina Valdosta – Turner’s Fine Furniture TBD
$100 Helen Whitney Albany – Turner’s Fine Furniture Lifesprings Community Church
$100 Valerie Smith Valdosta – Turner’s Budget Furniture Children’s Advocacy Center Lowndes County
$100 Michelle Jones Albany – Turner’s Budget Furniture American Cancer Society
$100 Debbie Poe Valdosta – Turner’s Budget Furniture Georgia Sherriff’s Boys Ranch


L to R: Anchorage Board Member Tim Trulock, Stephanie Bankston, $1,000 Gift Certificate Winner, Austin Turner,  Co-Owner, and Bob Lynch, executive director of the Anchorage & recipient of $1,000 charity donation.

L to R: Anchorage Board Member Tim Trulock, Stephanie Bankston, $1,000 Gift Certificate Winner, Austin Turner, Co-Owner, and Bob Lynch, executive director of the Anchorage & recipient of $1,000 charity donation.

Sharon Cramer, $500 gift certificate winner & Austin Turner.

Sharon Cramer, $500 gift certificate winner & Austin Turner.